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Honey Aloe Skin Tonic
Honey Aloe Skin Tonic

This gel contains a wide variety of vitamins, including Vitamin C.  It is formulated especially to deliver vitamin absorption onto the skin in an Aloe gel base.  As the skin takes up vitamins, this preparation is a true tonic, as well as a skin nourisher; with Manuka Honey delivering deep hydration and nourish a 'lack lustre' skin.

Honey Aloe Skin Tonic is for clients who wish to:

  • Calm and sooth a sensitive and sensitized skin due to shaving rash, incorrect product use or sunburn
  • Help prevent and minimize minor skin irritations such as perioral dermatitis
  • Bring life and luster back to tired and stressed skin, due to high pressure lifestyles
  • Restore hydration levels and slow premature ageing
  • Honey Aloe Skin Tonic has the ability to calm sebaceous secretions preventing surface greasiness

How to use:

Apply by warming in the hands and massaging gently into the skin, until all of the Honey Aloe Skin Tonic has been absorbed.
For a skin that is at optimum strength and vitality, follow with Honey Body Butter or Honey Body Moisturiser.

Contra Indications:

Do not use if you have an intolerance to Aloe Vera, UMF Manuka Honey (associated products such as Propolis, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen)

Do not use Honey Aloe Skin Tonic if you are Diabetic.

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