About Skin Deep Products

Skin Deep products encapsulate the essence of New Zealand... Naturally... with the powerful components of Manuka Honey, Manuka & Kanuka oils; Skin Deep products also bring a slice of tropical bliss with our pure Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil.

For Radiant Natural Health
Our special combinations of these ingredients produce multi-active, high performance formulas with an exquisitely silky smooth texture. More importantly, the result is a remarkable triple action that simultaneously firms, refines and nourishes. From the first application your skin will glow with radiant natural health and vitality.

Skin Deep products offer a natural alternative extracted from the active properties of indigenous flora reputed for their healing and protection.
  • Kanuka Oil is recognised for it's penetrating qualities, which actively heals deeply seated infections and promotes healthy cellular regeneration
  • Manuka Oil has also been scientifically proven to enhance the healing process and act as a natural shield
  • Manuka Honey has proven substances which cleanse, soothe, re-balance and revitalise depleted and damaged skin
  • New Zealand is acknowledged as being pure from pesticides and contamination and products derived from our natural resources are celebrated worldwide.

Factor in Skin Deep's own secret recipes which activates all these natural ingredients, and you have a unique blend of tissue rejuvenation, correction and protection.

We have also welcomed Nume which will encapsulate and deliver a slice of paradise to you and your clients. Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is used to comfort minor irritations, nourish, hydrate and beautify the hair and skin, naturally. You can also introduce fragrance with organic oils from exotic tropical flora such as Frangipani or Feijoa/Papaya. You'll have an enticing and irresistible concoction of skin and body treatments that will calm and relax the mind whilst rejuvenating the spirit. 

Riffi Products
Skin Deep and Nume are the perfect way to feed and nourish your skin, in combination with using one of our GREAT Riffi products. These mitts & straps deep cleanse while simultaneously improving the clarity, tone and smoothness of your skin. As a result, there is an enhanced feeling of well-being thanks to better circulation. Another great advantage of Riffi mitts & straps is the exfoliating effect as they remove dead skin cells, preventing ingrown hair post hair removal treatments and they prime your skin for home care products. 

Skin Deep is committed to a natural approach towards skincare regimes and treatment preparations – that deliver results!

We are passionate about our use of indigenous ingredients and source 100% pure essential oils and highest grade Manuka Honey.

Our formulations are quite simply...

  Natural, Safe & Effective.

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